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Set triggers for hunting

In any given firearm the traditional component parts of lock, stock and barrel work together to enable the user to aim and deliver an accurate shot.

What constitutes an accurate shot varies considerably. On the range it might be a benchrest shooter aiming to slip a projectile through the hole made by a previous shot. In the field it may be a hunter aiming to head-shoot a rabbit or drive a hunting bullet into the chest cavity of some game animal he needs for meat or wants as a trophy.

Obviously, there are a whole range of variations in between but whatever their personal needs may be, all experienced shooters and hunters agree that a good trigger is an essential requirement for accurate shooting.

In his book The Hunting Rifle (Winchester Press, 1970) Jack O’Connor wrote that ‘… the purpose of the trigger is to touch off (a shot) … with as little disturbance of the aim as possible.’

That’s always been easier said than done and as

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