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Ultimax riflescopes pay less for maximum quality

I accidentally stumbled upon the Ultimax range of riflescopes online through English shooting and hunting identity Richard Utting, who reviews high-quality optics. His review of the Ultimax, specifically the 3-12x56 with the illuminated reticle, impressed him so much to the point that I had to investigate further.

Initially, I managed to glean some additional information on the Ultimax line in that it is manufactured under the Nikko Stirling Optics marque and that it includes three models in the 1-6x24, 2.5-10x50 and the 3-12x56. With the Nikko Stirling line being distributed in Australia by Outdoor Sporting Agencies, we arranged for a review on Ultimax scopes in the 2.5-10x50 and the 3-12x56.

The packaging for the scopes is somewhat inconspicuous. The black cartons only stated Typing this address into a search engine leads to the Nikko Stirling Optics website. Looking into the excellent website, it was evident that the Ultimax range is aimed to be Nikko Stirling’s premier hunting scope line and complements its other excellent hunting and competition models. It may have been designed for the European marketplace but the line is well-received in Australia, with an excellent price-point for what the optic delivers. I have hunted with several Nikko Stirling scopes over the past 30 years and have always found them well built and ultra-reliable, having never encountered any issues with them.

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