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Fast facts on FAST FOOD

In a perfect world we’d all be cooking homemade meals and be carrying healthy prepared snacks, but the reality is we’re not perfect, and sometimes fast food seems like our only option. Or, we just really, really want a kebab.

In acknowledgment of the fact that we live in the real world and occasionally things don’t go to plan, we looked at some of Australia’s most popular fast-food restaurants and then shortlisted our best and our worst picks for each venue. It’s also important to consider your own personal health and carbohydrate requirements and choose foods accordingly to help manage your blood glucose levels and other medical conditions.


With more than 970 restaurants across Australia and close to 2 million people dining there every day, it’s fair to say McDonald’s won’t be disappearing any time soon.

• If you do choose to dine at the ubiquitous burger joint, then at the very least avoid the Double Quarter Pounder and the BBQ Bacon Lovers Burger. For each of these burgers you would be consuming more than 3500kJ, at least 50g fat, with almost 50 per cent of that being saturated (bad) fat, and almost

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