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one of those crushing blows designed to disappoint 99 percent of readership, I’m here to tell you that despite what you’ve learned at the movies or from reading books, there is really no such thing as a skeleton key. Yes, there are keys that have been filed or cut so that they can unlock a variety of warded locks, but in the widest sense of the term – no. And, of course, most of you actually do know this already. Because logically there simply couldn’t be one key that fits every lock in the world – there are just so many

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Architectural Review Asia Pacific4 min letti
How Covid-19 Is Shaping The Future Of Seniors Living
With the elderly community most at risk, seniors’ housing (retirement living and aged care) is at the coalface of change to manage COVID-19 and any future infectious diseases. For the past few weeks, the focus of seniors’ living providers, especially
Architectural Review Asia Pacific5 min lettiArchitecture
Edgars Creek House
Edgars Creek house is emblematic of Breathe Architecture’s respect for Australia’s native landscape. Nested on the steep banks of Edgars Creek, in the inner Melbourne suburb of Coburg North, the residence quietly renegotiates existing hierarchies bet
Architectural Review Asia Pacific6 min letti
Death Of The Great Australian Dream
Writing the following article 11 years ago, I expressed the hope that Australian architects and planners would learn from the deadly bushfires of the previous month and rethink their commitment to the single-family dwelling and the Great Australian D