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Entirely designed and built in Bochum, in Germany, ‘The Tube’ comes from what is, at heart, a family company. Volker Bohlmeier, who co-founded Einstein in 1988, is responsible for the management of the company, while his wife, Annette Heiss (a well-respected architect and interior designer), is responsible for the exterior cosmetic design. Rolf Weiler, the other founder, heads up electronic design. Their products are built by hand, rather than on a production line as such, so all Einstein’s products are built in small, bespoke batches.


The Einstein is certainly unlike any integrated amplifier you’ve ever seen before, because it’s totally feature-less: there’s not a knob, button or switch in sight: just a rectangle of curved black acrylic, fixed to a solid aluminium facing, with a single square display in the centre of the acrylic that’s blacked out when the amplifier is not operating.

Once the amplifier is switched on (via an inconveniently-placed rocker switch on the rear panel),

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Best Buys – Audio & AV7 min letti
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