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It is strange how game farmers often pay impressive prices for superior animals but then seem reluctant to spend money on feeding them properly. It is true that game should get their nourishment from the veldt, as they have done for ages. However, we have ‘industrialised’ them and are now obliged to provide additional feed to fill the gap between what the veldt supplies and

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Unlock Potential
From humble beginnings on little more than 700ha, Warne Rippon never lost sight of his ultimate vision: hunting with thought, conservation with class. This vision carried him and his wife, Wendy, since 1999 and the consistent growth of the Buffalo Kl
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Wildlife Wisdom Wildbedryf Wysheid
All of us in the wildlife industry love the environment and the sustainable conservation thereof. We love it so much that we do not only talk about it – we dearly invest in it! We believe our love and South African rand combined with the American dol
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Waterberg Echoes
Author: Richard Wadley Publisher: Protea Language: English Pages: 831 Format: A5 hardcover Retail price: R995 This book is a history, from archaeological to modern times, of an important game ranching area in South Africa. Amateur historian Ric