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It is a known and often passionately debated fact that the relevant legislator (Departments of Agriculture and Health) in South Africa is to blame for the lack of a practical and executable legal guideline to promote game meat production. However, it is also a fact that the discovery and market application of this unique and healthy protein food materialised, undetected a few decades ago. In the current formal processed meat market, game meat is utilised extensively to add protein, colour and taste. In a recent meat sampling run executed by the Tshwane Meat Forum, it was discovered that a sample of boerewors meat with a legal requirement for its composition, consisted of 100% blue wildebeest meat – unfortunately rendering it non-compliant as the legal requirement compels it to be from only bovine, ovine, porcine and orcine.

The application of game meat is favourable for the meat industry and not based on its health benefits but the mere fact that it is a low-cost protein food source or additive for the formal meat processor. This unfortunate and ongoing scenario has caused the total collapse of a fair pricing structure for game carcasses. The fact that game carcasses are seldomly from an approved abattoir (with meat inspection for the crucial approval for safe human consumption) compelled it to take a backseat when good money is

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Indemnities – A Beast Of A Different Kind
Participating in various activities requires participants to indemnify and disclaim the service provider from liability. Such indemnities constitute a contract subject to our laws and legal principles. The operative clause of any contract is pivotal
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The tragic demise of the northern white rhino (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) has been covered ad nauseam of late but what perhaps is not as widely known are the many valiant attempts over the years to try and save this iconic species from extinction.
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Taking Control Of Your Future
There are clearly a number of areas in our lives as game ranchers where it is now time to stand up, be counted and take responsibility for our own future. To name a few: 1. Under which department does game ranching resort and, more importantly, what