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The unrelenting pressures of population growth, the consequent inexorable geographic spread of humanity and the devastating impact of our consumeristic society with the resultant pollution are having a devastating effect on our planet and all that live on it.

Modern science, however, if used judiciously, can in many different ways mitigate the increasing rate of environmental degradation. We all are affected by the information technology boom, referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). We see the benefits in our everyday lives.

For example, ‘precision agriculture’ techniques, using drones, satellite communications and various modern technologies,

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The tragic demise of the northern white rhino (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) has been covered ad nauseam of late but what perhaps is not as widely known are the many valiant attempts over the years to try and save this iconic species from extinction.
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Indemnities – A Beast Of A Different Kind
Participating in various activities requires participants to indemnify and disclaim the service provider from liability. Such indemnities constitute a contract subject to our laws and legal principles. The operative clause of any contract is pivotal
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TORNADOES In South Africa – The Link To Severe Thunderstorms
South Africans are no strangers to summer thunderstorms over the central and eastern parts of the country. The thunderstorm season  normally starts during mid-spring and continues until autumn. Occasionally, thunderstorms will also develop over the W