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South African wildlife ranchers have a well-established reputation for breeding exceptional quality buffaloes that regularly fetch record prices at wildlife auctions. Well-known bulls such as ‘Horison’, ‘Tyson’, ‘Inala’, ‘Bayetu’, ‘Matetsi’, ‘Mystery’, ‘Senatla’, ‘Leba’, ‘Salomo’, ‘Basa’, ‘Zeus’, ‘Salema’, ‘Moses’, ‘Pymat’, ‘Nkosana’, ‘Gnu’, ‘Lebombo’, ‘Langbeen’, ‘Kipketer’, ‘Morena’, ‘Brits’, ‘Serengeti’, ‘Simpson’, ‘Okamoso’, ‘Cuanza’, ‘LH’ and ‘Cliff’, to name but a few, had their origins within the private ranching sector.

Producing these excellent animals did not happen by chance. They are the products of the commitment, dedication and perseverance by game ranchers to safeguard genetic diversity through careful monitoring and management of their herds. Well-known game farmer Rubin Els of Thaba Tholo Game Farm in Limpopo is quick to add that even the best genetic makeup will be fruitless if the animal is not contained in an optimal environment. “Good quality food and water, sufficient shelter, and adequately accessible nutrients, minerals and trace elements all play an equally important role in not only the survival, but the vitality and ability of the animals to thrive.”

There is a lot more behind the success – and possibly in the world – that allows the movement and translocation of selected Cape buffalo by way of strictly regulated control. “The privilege of allowing a free-market buffalo breeding industry within South Africa by our government, is a hugely progressive step and a world leading initiative in this field,” says Rubin.

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