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A rainbow of rest

Have you had it up to here with political antics and crime? Are you searching desperately for proof that the rainbow nation has life in it yet?

Then you need to find your way to Fourways Farmers Market on a Sunday, where you’ll encounter just about every culture and colour, shopping and eating, chatting and catching up, drinking and playing – in perfect harmony. Around tables. In quiet, shaded corners. On bales of hay or wooden benches and logs under a canopy of old pine trees. At the humungous playground for the little ones. At the cocktail bar. Or you could follow the lead of

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How Fast Should I Walk?
Most people walk for health reasons – some want to become fit(ter), others want to lose weight, and some simply want to clear their head and raise their spirits. Whatever the reason, if you want to reap the benefits, you should walk quite briskly. Bu
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The Price Of Property
This vacant 1 182 m2 property is in the centre of the planned business zone for Tesselaarsdal, next to J&S Store and the liquor store. It is zoned for agricultural use, but the municipality may give approval for use it as a business without rezoning.
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The Push And Pull Of Platteland Life
I grew up in a small Northern Cape town – okay, technically a small city – and it was wonderful. I knew all the local heroes and villains, played cricket in the streets until it was too dark to see anything, rode my bicycle everywhere and stole fruit