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NATURE IS about to wake up and burst forth with the energy of a new season, but do you still feel like hibernating? ‘So many people are low on energy after winter, which can be frustrating as it makes even the simplest tasks feel difficult,’ says Zen master Sandy Taikyu Kuhn Shimu, author of new book Boost Your Natural Energy (£6.99, Earthdancer Books).

‘Low energy can occur for many reasons: stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and other lifestyle factors,’ says Sandy. ‘But, many people also push themselves too hard. They take on extra work, socialise when they’d rather have a night off, or offer to help

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1 Do not ignore chest pain Heart attacks don’t stop for a global pandemic. Treating them is a top priority for the NHS. So, if you have chest pain (often radiating towards your jaw or back), seek medical advice. If you have chest pain along with sudd
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FOR FIBRE FEBRUARY I’M bringing you a seriously delicious and fibre-filled way to start your day! Chia seeds are absolutely packed with dietary fibre, as are oats, bananas and nuts – especially almonds. You might not have guessed it, but dark chocola
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Appy And You Know It
Anyone looking to tone up and boost their heart health will enjoy the audio drama of the Apocalypse Survival Training app (free trial with in-app purchases,, which combines aliens, time travel and more. In addition to