Dumbo Feather

How I Came to Befriend Economics

My father taught many subjects, but he specialised in economics. He really did love it and encouraged me in high school to learn about all things supply and demand. It was not an unreasonable suggestion, but like any normal adolescent I used it as an opportunity to rebel. Other kids took drugs, but as a good migrant kid my rebellion extended to dramatically proclaiming, “I will never study something as useless and boring as economics.” Two years later I reached university and discovered economics was

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Jack Kerouac’s Secret Tome
The Beat Generation of the 1950s, arguably the original American hipsters, erupted into a post-war era primed for freedom of every kind—explorations in Zen, psychedelics, sexuality, jazz, wanderlust and new forms of literature. The Beat writers, in b
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Matthew Fox Is A Cosmic Priest
Matthew Fox Priest and theologian Nathan Scolaro Angela DeCenzo Benicia, US January, 2020 For more than 50 years, Matthew Fox has been studying and writing about the great Christian mystics through history, gleaning from them something much richer a
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A Language Beyond Reason
I grew up in a scientific family. My grandmother Irene was the daughter of the physicist Max Born, who won the Nobel Prize for his work on quantum mechanics and was a close friend of Albert Einstein. She was herself scientifically well educated and h