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t’s quite crazy how we always romanticise the past and almost demonise the future. How many times have you said or heard someone say, “back in my time

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Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa1 min letti
Publisher’s Note
I’m sure we’re all ready to see the backside of all the political adverts that have been clogging up the airwaves and street poles over the past couple of weeks. As much as we may not be looking forward to the queues at the voting stations I can’t he
Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa3 min letti
15-Minute Fat Burners
IFBB PHYSIQUE PRO, 2014 MISS PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA, AND 2015 ARNOLD CLASSIC WINNER “You can get a lot done with this routine, hitting all your muscle groups and even getting your heart rate up a bit,” says Malacarne. Do 12 to 15 reps of each of the follo
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WE’VE GOT some great news: It doesn’t take a laundry list of exercises and an hour-plus to tone your body and build strength. Not when your program is intelligently designed, that is. In this case, it takes only two moves, thanks to the programming c