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‘Kill Yourself: You’re Fat!’

THIS woman was teased for being obese for most of her life and even attended a school where cruel bullies encouraged big girls to kill themselves. But after finding out she was pregnant she turned her life around and lost over 88kg – the only problem now is the excess skin, which she admits dampens her sex life!

Although accountant Kara Beck, 25, used to eat vegetables and fruits, she still regularly binged, and with only exercising twice a week she allowed the kilos to pile on.

Kara grew up in a small town in Wyoming with her teacher parents and brother and sister. She attributed

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People Magazine South Africa
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Cheesy French ONION SOUP
SERVES: 4 EASY: 1 HOUR 60g Salted butter500g Red onions, peeled and sliced3 Tablespons of cake flour60ml Red wine1L Vegetable stock2 Fresh bay leavesA small handful of fresh chopped thyme150g Frozen peasSalt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste