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UNLESS a giant asteroid slams into earth, there’s a volcanic apocalypse, a global pandemic breaks out or a nearby star explodes and goes supernova on us, the Earth will likely (and hopefully) still be around by the time 2069 rolls in. But what will life be like in five decades from now? We take a look at some Iron Man advancements experts say will be the way of the future.

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Did You Know?
* FLU viruses evolve annually in an unpredictable manner, which determines their virulence (the severity of illness that they cause) and circulation. * THE process of the making of the flu vaccine is guided by the WHO. * INFLUENZA causes up to 650 00
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The Rise and Fall Of THE TIGER KING
IT’S one of the wildest documentaries to grace TV screens around the world, so it’s no surprise Tiger King has also been one of Netflix’s most successful offerings. At the centre of it all is former zoo opperator and now convicted fellon Joseph Schr
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Have You Seen Them?
IN South Africa alone, almost 1 000 children are reported missing every year. The actual figure is probably much higher. Currently the police have an 82 percent success rate finding the children. Ideally they’d like to achieve a 100 percent success r