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Because I’m both a handloader and an aficionado of metallic cartridges, the choice between buying a rifle or pistol chambered for one of the proven—and readily available—cartridges and one of the more obscure, yet “cool,” cartridges has been a struggle.

Yes, ammunition for the .30-06 Springfield, .270 Winchester and 7mm Remington Magnum are available at pretty much any store that sells ammunition, and they’re also very effective hunting cartridges, but it’s great fun to carry an equally effective, yet more obscure, cartridge you’re personally passionate about.

If you’re on any form of social media where cartridges are discussed or perhaps one of the hunting forums, you’ve surely seen the fervor (and sometimes, venom) with which certain cartridges are attacked and/or defended. Shooters will insist that 100 fps or 100 ft-lb of energy will make the difference between anemic terminal performance and blinding devastation.

We hunters feel the need to quantify all things (John Taylor’s Knockout System is a great example of a demonstrative, yet admittedly flawed, means of

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Rimfire Barrel Conditioning
I shot my first IPSC match in the fall of 1977. I won it, and that was that; I was hooked. By 1986, I had been on a roll for a few years. I attended three U.S. IPSC Nationals and had a slot for a fourth. I shot in local matches in two states and the
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.17 Mach 2
The .17 HM2, or 17 Mach 2, was a joint venture between Hornady and CCI in 2003. A CCI Stinger case, which measures 0.100-inch longer than a standard .22 LR case, was necked down to take a 17-grain, 0.172-inch-diameter bullet. The result was a .17 tha
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Unlawf Ul Display
On June 28, 2020, in response to a riotous mob breaking through an iron gate into their St. Louis gated community, with a mass of approximately 300 people coming down the road toward their house, attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey grabbed firearms