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Travelling to foreign places doesn’t only provide you with wonderful memories to last a lifetime; it can actually leave you in much better health – both mentally and physically. Instead of thinking of travel as a luxury, the vast benefits suggest we should make it a much bigger priority for our wellbeing.


Just the mere thought of a holiday can make you feel more relaxed, whether your dream getaway involves outdoor adventures or exploring a new culinary world. Even a short holiday has been shown to lower perceived levels of stress, leaving us feeling well-rested and in a better mood. Decreasing stress and cortisol can work wonders for your entire body – slowing down ageing, reducing your risk of heart disease, boosting your brain health and extending your life span. A 2000 study in also found that people who don’t take a holiday for several years are more likely to suffer

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It is estimated around a third of New Zealanders are fatigued because they don’t get enough sleep. Although it’s natural for our energy levels to fluctuate, if you’re feeling chronically fatigued, there could be a few factors at play. Everyone feels
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Ask The Expert
Is it possible to eat too much protein? A In short, yes! Your body can only utilise a limited amount of protein at a time, so it’s recommended that you don’t consume much more than 30g of protein per meal or snack. Consuming more than 30g usually m
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BOOST YOUR immunity
There is a lot to love about autumn, including crisp mornings and the vibrant hues of changing leaves. But a change of season always brings a few health concerns. Chillier temperatures are far friendlier to any cold and flu viruses floating through t