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Fashion is inherently emotive, helping us feel good, express ourselves, communicate our values and connect with others. Feeling is also influenced by a garment’s origins; who made it, and what is it made from?

The globalisation of the fashion system, race to the bottom for costs, and rampant expansion have eroded the old quality-driven, locally

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The Luminaries
Some 2020 beauty maths: glossy hair is to glass hair what glass skin is to highlight. Still with us? Liquid and powder highlighters were once the beauty world’s obsession. There was nary a woman who wasn’t swiping a layer of pearlescent product onto
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Simple Things
For a brand that pays such meticulous attention to detail, you can still spot a Cos-wearing woman from a mile away. Smart and sophisticated, she’s the one in the slightly oversized, light taupe coat, with a cream turtleneck knit fitted snuggly undern