Chu Yun The Mind of Things

hu Yun’s latest project at Vitamin Creative Space’s Mirrored Gardens was more than a mere exhibition; it was a holistic experience, one of uncertainty, opaqueness, and subtlety. Titled “The Mind of Things,” the exhibition didn’t elaborate much on the “things”; rather, the four assembled works pointed to an elusive “mind” pleasantly distant from fraught reality. The exhibition prompted an introspective look at

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The Futures Market
Not even the short sellers expected Covid-19 to rage on past 2020. Much of the art world was ecstatic last November when big pharma announced the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines. Gallerists, curators, and artists alike began anticipating the re
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Chen Zhen Short-circuits
The late conceptual artist Chen Zhen described the moment of artistic creation as a “short-circuit” generated by presenting commonplace objects in unexpected combinations and contexts. Named for this idea, the artist’s recent retrospective, curated b
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Mind’s eye
WANG TUO “Madness fascinates because it is knowledge,” observes Michel Foucault in Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason (1961). In his taxonomy of European sociocultural, juridical, and medical attitudes to lunacy, Fou