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BEST Fantasy

Best Service Era II

here are loads of instruments and libraries that could be used for film soundtracks, and almost as many that could be applied to the fantasy genre, but there is only one Eduardo Tarilonte, the man who has made his name with amazing libraries including favourite Shevannia and this, Era II. Andy Jones said: “It’s a thoroughly astonishing collection – a museum of instrumentation and

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As a synth fan, I know I always ‘need’ the next big thing. The reality is that I don’t, and I can probably make do with one or two plug-ins from my DAW. Trouble is, so is everyone else. A product like Summit is a luxury – it’s nearly two grand, after
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We’re continuing our journey through the basics of Live. Last time we talked about programming MIDI drum beats, so now it seems like a good time to look at the flip side of that: taking a source audio beat and jazzing it up, before changing it into s
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Essential Tools For Going Live The first in Elektron’s more affordable ‘Model’ series (well, it’s probably going to be a series), Model:Samples is an accessible machine that shouldn’t be dismissed. Even though it’s a sample playback-only device, which could be consider