Four ways with BREAKFAST WRAPS



Whisk 2 in a bowl; transfer to a plastic squeezy bottle. Spray a small frying pan with ; place over medium heat. Drizzle half the egg into the pan to form a lacy pattern; cook for 1 minute or until set. Remove from pan. Repeat to make a second wrap. To roll the wraps, place a sheet of baking paper on the bench with a short side

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A matter OF TASTE
YOUR KITCHEN AFFECT YOUR APPETITE The concept that some colours are more delicious than others – psychologically-speaking – has long been a topic of scientific study. While those in marketing are most interested in how this affects consumer habits,
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For some people who have trouble drinking regular cow’s milk, it might be because of the A1 protein. a2 Milk™, brought to you by Anchor™, might make a difference, as many people say it just feels better in their bodies. It’s perfect in smoothies, cof
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Bake My Day
• The addition of herbs, cheeses, olives, deli meats or aromatic herbs all lend a savoury note to breads and pastries. Often you can change these up into different combinations to refresh a recipe. • Savoury scones and loaves are great for picnic bas