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GO FOR QUALITY AND FRESHNESS Like many Italian dishes, this collection of pastas is quite simple, meaning their success relies on using the freshest ingredients possible and the best quality within your budget.

CONSIDER SIZE AND SHAPE While it can be tempting to swap one pasta for another, be aware that certain types are better suited to particular sauces and cooking styles than others. For more information, see Cook School, page 115.

PICK THE RIGHT PAN When boiling pasta, ensure the saucepan is big enough. If it is too small, the temperature of the boiling water will drop significantly when pasta is added. The pasta will triple in volume once cooked, so allow for this.

MORE THAN A PINCH Ensure you salt the water you cook the pasta in – and you need more than a pinch. This provides seasoning and helps to stop the pasta going slimy, plus it increases the temperature of the water and makes it more buoyant so the pasta floats. Don’t add oil to the water – when drained it will leave a greasy layer which stops the sauce sticking to the pasta.

➽ When draining the pasta water, reserve about ¼ cup for making the sauce. This not only adds flavour, but helps the sauce to thicken

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➽ Choose the right jar for the job. For example, jars with a small opening and narrow neck are ideal for fruits in syrups, while widemouthed, straight-sided jars are good for chunky preserves. ➽ Run all the jars, lids and tools through the dishwasher
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PREP + COOK TIME 50 MINUTES SERVES 4 • 2 medium kumara, scrubbed and chopped into 1cm pieces• cooking oil spray• 2 teaspoons olive oil• 1 onion, chopped• 1 stick celery, chopped• 3 cloves garlic, minced• 1 teaspoon chilli• 1 teaspoon cumin• 1 teasp
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In Season Vege Beetroot
PREP + COOK TIME 30 MINUTES + CHILLING SERVES 6 • 1 cup uncooked rice or a rice blend (see tip)• 2 cooked beetroot, peeled, diced• 2 eating apples, chopped• 1 orange, peeled, chopped• 1 large stalk celery, chopped• handful of parsley, chopped• fres