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Oland is an island on the Swedish east coast in the Baltic Sea. The island is 150 km long so there is a lot to see. If there are bad weather conditions on one end, you can always drive to the other end so you can make the most of your stay.

Accommodations are also easy to find and the island has many small, local harbors. There are wrecks also all around the island.

The great thing about the Baltic Sea is that it is brackish, poor in oxygen, and has few species harmful to shipwrecks, including shipworms. That is why wooden shipwrecks are preserved much better here compared to other oceans. Wooden ships dating from the 15th century can be found here.

On our first diving day, we used up some time getting the key for the boat ramp. Most of the harbors are small and privately owned and are without a harbor master. The harbors are also not well maintained which we would discover later. Despite very high summer temperatures, everything went well with getting out and, after a quick dip in the water for cooling and afterwards good speed on the

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