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Ghost Ships of Truk Lagoon

The adventures to be experienced with the underwater exploration of the mysterious Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon remain unparalleled. The wrecks in this most famous of lagoons represent some of the most well-preserved shipwrecks in the world. Truk Lagoon remains one of the great undersea wonders of the world. The moment visiting divers break the surface of the beautifully clear, blue Pacific water and descend to one of the seventy-plus wrecks that litter the seabed, they are captured by this underwater museum that can only be described as a wreck divers paradise.

I originally travelled to Truk Lagoon specifically to take advantage of rebreather technology and explore many of the less-dived (if dived at all) wrecks in the deeper waters of the Lagoon. Following a morning dive on a deep wreck, each afternoon was spent exploring one of the many shallow wrecks that are popular destinations for just about every diver visiting Truk. The shallow-water wrecks represent some of the most famous and most dived wrecks in the Lagoon and, with so many of them to dive, it’s easy to see why.

The group of international divers with whom I had travelled to Truk had all come armed with Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers. The rebreathers allowed us to extend our bottom times even on the shallower wreck sites. By optimizing the gas we breathed with our closed-circuit rebreathers, we were able to spend as much time underwater in one week as an open-circuit

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