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Gluten-free means pain-free

As a young child growing up in South Africa, Wendy Spratt began to get bad headaches, and they continued to get worse. “They would knock me out as a teenager,” says Wendy. “I’d be vomiting and would have to go to bed.” The headaches were so bad that the doctor would administer a painkiller by injection. The medical establishment had no answers for what was causing the headaches, but could only treat them with painkillers.

In 2008, Wendy came to live in New Zealand, aged 23, and her headaches continued. They increased

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Events And Contacts
The Soil & Health Association – publisher of Organic NZ – has groups that meet in different parts of the country. These meetings and field days are wonderful ways in which to meet fellow gardeners and growers, and other people interested in healthy s
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Organic NZ
Chair of Soil & Health Marion Wood National Councillors Jodie Bruning, Barbara Collis, Ella Lawton, Jenny Lux, Bernie Mabbs, Peter Wells General manager Pete Huggins: Enquiries and membership support Florence Lundon-Moor
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Vote & Act For Organics
It’s election time again! The polls close on 17 October, and the new government will have three years to put in place policies to improve the wellbeing of food producers and consumers, increase food and climate security, and regenerate nature. Or not