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What is angry sex? Well, for starters, it is often referred to as ‘make-up sex’ — it’s lustful, it’s primal and it’s forceful. It usually takes place after a heated argument or tiff. It’s when anger is siphoned through a good hard f—king. In a climate of feminist outrage, political correctness and 24-hour-newscycles — ‘angry sex’ is an unpopular sport to

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Paradise Found
Once upon a time, Guy Laliberté was a street performer, playing the accordion and walking on stilts for whatever passersby would throw into his hat. Then in 1984, he cofounded Cirque du Soleil as a one-year project with the help of a contract from th
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Tell us a little bit about yourself, Audrey. I’m very grateful and blessed to have lived a very dimensional and fulfilling life at such a young age already. I’m a single 20-year-old, I’ve travelled to over 20 countries, I’m currently working at a lu
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Are You Swipe Worthy?
How you present is what you attract. It’s going to sound crazy but you’re putting yourself on a market and you’re selling your best self on the “singles shelf”. There’s nothing wrong with being on the singles shelf when everyone’s joining you, and th