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WHICH OIL is best to use for cooking in the kitchen?

Walking into the supermarket these days, you are hit with so many choices on every food product, but none more so than the range of cooking oils currently available. In the past 50 years or so, many new cooking oils extracted from plant seeds and nuts such as canola oil, rice bran oil, vegetable oil and grapeseed oil have entered the market. This has been made possible through the introduction of refinery equipment which uses high heat, high pressure and/or chemicals which bleach, deodorise and neutralise oils to render them fit for human consumption.

Researchers from the Modern Olives laboratory in Victoria have conducted two different experiments using the main supermarket cooking oils in Australia to determine which

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Understanding Nutritional Panels
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FRONT COVER IMAGE: Purity ARTIST: Prida NyashaWEBSITE: ART PROFILE: p. 46-51 Thank you to all the writers, organisations, and people we interviewed for their time and contributions to this magazine including: • Charlotte Howells,
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The Art of Healing
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