The Art of Healing

editor’s note

Given our recent celebrations of fifteen years of producing The Art of Healing magazine, I have been reflecting on how the world has changed since I started it in 2002 – specifically in the context of health and healing. When we began, the knowledge base – and acceptance of natural therapies, was so small. There was of course an established ‘natural healthcare’ industry in

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As the planet warms, the risk of significant loss of biodiversity will also increase. With a possible global temperature increase of 2-3°C., 18% of insect, 16% of plant and 8% of vertebrate species may lose their geographical range, leading to specie
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Supporting And Sourcing Sustainable Resources
The Fair Wild Standard was set up by the Fair Wild Foundation in Switzerland in 2008. It applies to wild plant collection enterprises wishing to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable collection, social responsibility and fair trade principles.
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The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Revolution
Very briefly, I come at the issue of personalized lifestyle medicine as a biologist, ecologist and sustainability scientist. It is what I’ve been doing for the past 35+ years of my career, both in academia and the non-profit sector. For most, it’s th