The Art of Healing



Herbal Remedy for Nausea

Reach for this one when you’re feeling a little nauseous. Ginger is the major player in terms of its herbal actions, but the rosella turns the tea a beautiful deep pink and adds its tartness to

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The Art of Healing1 min lettiPsychology
When Doing Good Boosts Health and Wellbeing
“Prosocial behaviour is part of the shared culture of humankind, and our analysis shows that it also contributes to mental and physical health.” Hui and his colleagues performed a meta-analysis of 201 independent studies, comprising 198,213 total par
The Art of Healing1 min lettiPsychology
The Steps To Worrying Better
Part of what makes Covid-19 so emotionally draining is its uncertainty. Constructive worry is easier when dealing with a specific timeframe. Sweeny’s research on maintaining wellbeing, when waiting for a potentially negative election outcome, suggest
The Art of Healing3 min lettiPsychology
Book Reviews
What does it take to find courage in the midst of deprivation and devastation? Why are some people able to continue living with purpose, even when faced with loss and despair? How does our community turn challenge into triumph? And what can we learn