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Gris is beautiful. It is beautiful in that highly stylised, minimalist way that works well in both 2D platformers and in art prints. It is beautiful in its carefully chosen color palettes and its delicate animation effects. However it is beautiful in ways that both strengthen and weaken it as an overall experience.

Gris is

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Multibooting Windows 10
One of the factors that contributes to our pessimism surrounding reinstalling Windows is that we desperately don’t want you to lose anything. We’re kind like that. But there is another, slightly frivolous way to do a reinstallation if you’ve got work
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Get Ready For Some Decent Graphics
Over one teraflop of pure compute performance, support for ultra-high resolution HEVC encode and decode, improved display pipelines, an enhanced rasterizer, variable rate shading, over double the performance in 3D rendering, and support for adaptive
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Cherry Is Building A Cheaper Mechanical Key Switch For The Value Market
Cherry is a major player in the key switch market, with its MX variants (Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Speed, and so forth) found on many of the best gaming keyboards, like the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum and HyperX Alloy Elite RGB. Technically, keyboards bu