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Shadow Ghost

f you like to keep abreast of tech news, you’ve probably heard of Shadow. A service operated by French company Blade, it allows users to access their own personal “Shadow,” a virtual hosted environment on a server running Windows 10,

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PC Powerplay2 min letti
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Harry: Like many, I suspect, I considered giving up on Sekiro. I wasn’t even very far, either, but my stumbling block came in the shape of a nondescript general: Tenzen Yamauchi. To jog your memory, this is the foe with a smattering of soldiers aroun
PC Powerplay6 min letti
Couch Potatoes
Mark Essen has a simple justification for initially leaving out an online multiplayer mode in Nidhogg: the tech was difficult to build and expensive to deploy. He did not have an army of netcode experts ready to squash bugs, reduce latency and seamle
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Tactical Analysis
“Exceptionally tough, rewarding strategy and a masterful reworking of the formula. We’ll play this forever.” “Into the Breach delivers in the tiniest package the most perfectly formed tactics around.” “A game of tactics and psychology, won by wits