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Red heads getting picked up more often


Here’s one trend we hope to see hop the pond. The U.K.’s never been known for terrifically healthy—or, for that matter, tasty—cuisine, what with all those dishes of girdle sponges (fried sponge cake), spotted dicks

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Built To Perform
Acursory glance at the photos of Jay Maryniak, Mike Vazquez, Scott Mathison, and Andy Speer demonstrate something obvious — all four guys possess the self-motivation to train hard and live fit. Yet what the photos don’t tell us is that, beyond outwar
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Gaugeyour Growth
Hands up if any of the following describes how you feel or look lately: Your energy and vitality have been drooping; you’ve seen an unexplained increase in body fat (“What’s that inner tube doing under my shirt?”); you’ve lost muscle mass and/or stre
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Gym Equipment Is Filthy, Wipe It Down
RESEARCH SHOWS that the levels of bacteria on most gym equipment could put a gas station bathroom to shame. One recent study found treadmills to be 74 times filthier than a water fountain, and free weights 362 times buggier than a toilet seat — and m