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The way of no flesh

RONMAN champion John Joseph. Boxer Cam Awesome. running back Arian Foster. fighters Nick and Nate Diaz. These are all: a) world-class athletes; b) people who could kick my butt; c) athletes who’ve gone vegan. Answer: All of the above. There’s even a growing community of bodybuilders who swear by the vegan lifestyle. So what’s it really like? A lifelong carnivore, I eat meat nearly every day. But whether or not you agree with the vegan code of honour — which is, basically: “Don’t kill animals to make your dinner” — you still have to respect people who back their words with action. With that in

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Of Course, If You Don’t Want To Live Longer, Here’s How To Do It
Around 30% of fast-food wrappers, boxes, etc contain potentially cancer-causing fluorinated chemicals that have been shown to migrate into food and then into our bodies. So, basically, they’re just as bad as the junk that comes in them. (Environmenta
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The Sex Files
I like having sex with the lights on so I can see her body. She says that’s not romantic. What should I do? JACK N. JOHANNESBURG You like doing it with the lights on because you like to watch; she wants the lights off because she feels insecure and k
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Cheat Sheet
Whether you had a one-night stand, a long-term affair, or an online fling, if you want to rescue your relationship, expect the road to redemption to be the emotional equivalent of Frodo’s trek to Mordor. But you can win back her trust if you have pat