New Zealand Woman’s Weekly

KEEP your cool!

Cool yourself down with these chilled and frozen sweet treats. Just as hot soup warms you up, chilled foods have the wonderful effect of cooling you down from the inside out.

Chill out, sweet thang!

Strawberry vanilla panna cotta


So simple to make and absolutely gorgeous to eat.

very ripe strawberriesmaple syrupvanilla extractmilkgelatine leaves (or powdered gelatine dissolved in boiling water)thick Greek yoghurt Whipped cream, to serve

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly1 min letti
Touch It
Consider a touchy-feely garden. The soft, silky leaves of lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantina) cry out to be caressed, as does the downy foliage of silver sage. The feathery flowerheads of many grasses invite touch and who can resist stroking bamboo stems?
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min letti
What’s the FORECAST?
In a year when nothing seems certain, spring is doing a fine job of fitting in. On the very day that we threw ourselves optimistically into daylight saving – Hoorah! It will be summer soon! – much of the country was immediately blanketed in snow. At
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A NEW Dawn
I’m a huge fan of Jodi Picoult. She has a knack for choosing hot-button topics, then bringing them to life and helping you consider them from every angle. For her latest novel, she has chosen some brave themes: death and the different paths our lives