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March checklist

GROW THIS Once the weather cools and there’s some moisture in the ground, autumn is a great time to perk up a tatty lawn by removing dead grass and moss with a rake, digging out perennial weeds and sowing grass seed mixed with planting compost into bare patches. Fork ground first to loosen soil if needed. Sprinkle with lawn food or liquid feed with a seaweed or other nitrogen-based product, then water regularly for a good month.

Try these top tips for the month


To keep your garden looking fab through to

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I know it wasn’t just me who spent much of 2020’s lockdown looking at my light grey walls over and over on Zoom and cursing my timidity. Why hadn’t I been a whole lot braver and gone for a shade of marigold or a warm tobacco on them? When you’re havi
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DIY Summer
When the sun is out, and the beers are chilling it’s the perfect time to put on your tool belt and finally get around to doing those jobs that have been on your to-do list for a while. Whether it’s simply giving your home a tidy up or starting a larg
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The Constant Gardener
• Cut back whip-like new green shoots on wisteria to five or six leaves. Letting more light in allows the wood to ripen and helps next season’s flower buds form. • Keep camellias and rhododendrons well watered to ensure next year’s buds develop. Mulc