World War II


My last column examined , the well-known 1951 film that helped popularize the image of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel as a gallant, principled soldier who stood up to Adolf Hitler and supported the attempt to remove the Nazi dictator from power in the summer of 1944. But , a German television film first broadcast in 2012, depicts a very different man. “I don’t see him as a hero,” said writer-director Niki Stein. “He is a tragic figure. He was

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Ask Wwii
Q: Why were aircraft markings for the U.S. Army Air Forces (and later the U.S. Air Force) only applied on the top side of the left wing, with none on the right wing? The reverse arrangement was employed on the underside, with markings only on the rig
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The Dark Place
It is arguably one of the most emotional and impactful scenes in Hollywood history. Sitting at Martini’s bar in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, a forlorn George Bailey has reached his breaking point. Festive music plays in the background as glee
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Driven To Win
IN APRIL 1938, just a year and a half before France declared war on Nazi Germany, teams of drivers from the two countries faced off on a racetrack in Pau, France, on the northern edge of the Pyrenees. Both sides had trained heavily to win the 1938 Gr