World War II


N , documentarian-turned-author Cory Taylor follows in the footsteps of Ian Kershaw, the eminent British scholar and author of a well-known two-volume Hitler biography. Like Kershaw, Taylor examines the societal forces that helped to fashion the former homeless man from Vienna and lance corporal in the Bavarian Army during World War I. But the author focuses in even greater detail on Hitler’s pivotal early years in Munich, where he became a rabid anti-Semite and Nationalist agitator. Taylor shows that a sophisticated network of ethnic chauvinists within Germany’s aristocracy and army essentially helped groom Hitler to take power in the belief that he would

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Ask Wwii
Q: Why were aircraft markings for the U.S. Army Air Forces (and later the U.S. Air Force) only applied on the top side of the left wing, with none on the right wing? The reverse arrangement was employed on the underside, with markings only on the rig
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A Narrow Escape
CLIMBING A STEEP SLOPE a few miles outside the central Italian city of Sulmona, I come across a wooden bench grafted invitingly into the hillside and sit down to study the view. To the northeast lie Abruzzo’s smooth-topped Morrone Mountains, dotted w
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All-purpose Meltdown
THE SCENE TAKES PLACE some 48 minutes into Downfall, director Oliver Hirschbiegel’s 2004 German film depicting the final days of Adolf Hitler. Deep in Hitler’s bunker beneath the Nazi Chancellery, General Hans Krebs (played by actor Rolf Kanies) runs