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Tidy Life, Tidy Mind Great news for all you KonMari

Simple but true: life editing starts with the small stuff. A fun fact that continues to be confirmed by health and wellness experts, including professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn, who named her book, , after that very idea. Yep, de-cluttering is everywhere right now. From the cult-like Marie Kondo method (keeping only things that spark joy) to YouTuber Anna Newton in her book, , which encourages us to reduce ‘cognitive overheads’ by keeping on top of everything from budgets to social calendars. We’ve

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Discuss Fitness
Need a circuit refresh? Train from the top down. It’s called vertical loading: you start with upper-body exercises (arms, chest) and end with your legs, moving from one muscle group to the next without rest. Why? You get more done in less time (since
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Colour Play
OK, so you’ve gone and treated yourself to a fancy new hair colour (we love it BTW, suits you). Your next goal: upkeep. A dye job isn’t cheap, so you want it to last, right? “You’ll tend to see and feel when your coloured strands are crying out for p
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Round-the-clock Wellness, Serenbe Style
6AM: Take a stroll through the forest to the Mado neighbourhood for a dip in the pool. VERDICT: Japanese studies confirm that spending time among the trees benefits your entire immune system. 8:30AM: Enjoy a nourishing breakfast of locally sourced