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Writer Nikki Osman

SHOPPING STYLE: Top-up shopping (read: I see more of the staff at my local supermarket and office adjacent to the cafe than I do my loved ones).

TYPICAL WEEKLY SPEND: Factoring in eating out, it’s almost in triple figures.

EATING HABITS: I’ve flirted with vegetarianism and veganism and I’d currently describe myself as a flexipescetarian, if I thought I could do so without losing any friends. Most days I follow the 16:8 diet, eating all my meals in an eight-hour window.

I know shopping as and when hunger strikes is a crime to meal-prepping aficionados, but it works for my lifestyle. I’m out most weeknights, so any ingredients bought in advance are more likely to oxidise in my fridge than fulfil their destiny in a Nigella recipe. Food shopping on the fly means I’m led almost entirely by my emotions: on days where I’m feeling peak wellness, I’ll stick on a podcast and spend an entire evening channelling my inner Jessica Sepel, but on hectic days, it’s a kid’s dinner of fish fingers

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