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Fido Feels Ya

Like mum, like pup. Dogs can tell when you’re strung-out on stress and will mirror your tension, reveals a new study in

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Morning Routines PRO-ATHLETES Swear By
The winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, tennis great Serena Williams takes time to relax before attacking her AM with gusto “My daughter [Olympia, three] wakes me up... That’s my alarm clock! I tend to her straight away, see how she’s doing, and
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Break Up With Your Timeline
…plus small steps that move you toward them, then review the list quarterly. Are you procrastinating? (Why?) Did a life event halt your progress? (Fair!) Forgive yourself if things aren’t perfect, then pivot away! Social media can make you feel less-
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Nothin’ wrong with sleeping in your partner’s old T-shirt. In fact, you may snooze better when you’re wrapped in the scent of a loved one, according to research from the University of British Columbia. For the 2020 study, more than 150 people made a