Just War Criteria

Jus ad bellum (moral justifications for going to war, why a war is fought)

Supreme political authorities are morally responsible for the security of their

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Altro da Vietnam

Vietnam2 min letti
March-april 1970
March 5 Airport, about a bomb explosion on an airplane that must land at a snow-clogged airport, premieres with Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Jean Seberg and Jacqueline Bisset. Its success inspired the 1970s “disaster films” of all-star casts who face
Vietnam9 min letti
The My Canh Girl
One of the most searing phographs from the Vietnam War is the terrifying image of a badly injured child being rescued by a man in civilian clothes after Viet Cong terrorists bombed the My Canh restaurant in Saigon on June 25, 1965. Symbolic of the wa
Vietnam2 min letti
James L. Holloway III, who commanded an aircraft carrier in the waters off Vietnam and rose to chief of naval operations, died on Nov. 26, 2019, at a retirement home in Alexandria, Virginia, at age 97. Holloway, born in Charleston, South Carolina, on