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To get the same stylish look as platinum, consider a ring with a white gold setting. While there are plenty of pros when it comes to platinum—it’s an extremely durable, natural white metal, it won’t change color, plus it gives off a gorgeous polish—all of those good qualities come at a price. “Platinum is rarer and purer than white gold, which makes it more expensive,” says Katie Zimmerman, chief merchandising officer at Blue Nile. White gold is an alloy (read: a mixture of gold and a white metal like nickel, silver or palladium), meaning it may lose its silvery-white color over time. However, if you don’t mind replating your ring, it’s a still a super-chic option.


The more elaborate (think: blinged out) the setting, the more a ring will cost. “If you’re on a tight budget, look for daintier settings,” says Angela Karaguezian, vice president of Kirk

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Bridesmaid Dress Break Down
BEGIN BY BROWSING Start off by doing some research. In our (ahem) unbiased opinion, is a great place to start—you can search thousands of dresses by color, fabric and style and find stores in your area that carry your faves. If you’re fli
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BEST The name says it all. Not only does this powder give your complexion an appearance worthy of the most flattering Instagram filter, it also staves off dreaded T-zone shine. Genius Magic powder, $45, BEST A high-drama mascara
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Kaileigh + Matthew
Matthew Diwi (25 and an assistant manager) is an avid hunter and fisherman. Kaileigh Nesenson (26 and an associate buyer) prefers dressing up for dinners downtown. “We have very different tastes,” Kaileigh says. “It was important that our wedding inc