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Every shipwreck has a story to tell. Whether sunk by disaster or design, through an event unexpectedly tragic or meticulously engineered, no matter how a wreck lost its battle with buoyancy, there’s typically a tale to be told. Wrecks are why many of us began diving, enticed by the lure of lost treasure, the mystery of a ship taken by the deep, or just a curiosity to see what’s inside. Motivations aside, divers are drawn to sunken ships like kids to candy. It’s why wreck historian Ellsworth Boyd first donned a scuba cylinder in the 1960s. “There’s a fascination about the story behind a

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Closed Circuit Rebreathers
As scuba aficionados, many of us do not realise that rebreather technology actually predates the invention of the “aqualung” by many decades. In 1878, Henry Fleuss created a device that recirculated pure oxygen. The “Fleuss rebreather” would be put t
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Philippine International Dive Expo
The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) will host the first Philippine International Dive Expo (PHIDEX) to be held at the seaside complex of Conrad Hotel from September 20–22, 2019. PHIDEX will have the participation of dive travel and trade stak
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Mermaid Tails
Why have mermaids aroused such intense fascination across cultures for so many centuries? These are legendary aquatic creatures that appear, since antiquity, in different folklore and mythological traditions around the world, usually represented as b