Changing careers takes a significant commitment of time, energy and money. Many people think it’s going to happen overnight or within a couple of months. The reality is that it’s a journey.


A career coach can help someone look at the bigger picture and guide them through the detailed analysis required to get a clearer sense of their

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For Life’s Wonderful Moments
What inspired you to write your book? A published essay I wrote about mortality without faith and growing up with my parents [renowned astronomer Carl Sagan and writer and producer Ann Druyan] was the seed of the book. But it really started taking s
Nadia3 min lettiSelf-Improvement
Words From The Wise
Kristina Cavit of The Kindness Institute is on a mission to equip Aotearoa’s rangatahi (youth) with the tools to manage their mental health. The former drama teacher’s stint volunteering with the Latin American children’s charity NPH (she consequentl
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Go With The Flow
Most of us underestimate the influence sex hormones have on women. The balance of oestrogen and progesterone can affect everything from a woman’s mental state to how much she weighs and the energy she has. Since it’s not something that is widely talk