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Have you heard that saying about how we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with? That if you hang out with creative types, you’ll likely

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Disha & Aditya
And it has nothing to do with that boyish charm and those sculpted abs (though I’d hardly be surprised if there existed fan clubs dedicated to his torso). Aditya Roy Kapur’s appeal lies in how good-natured and disarmingly friendly he is. He tells us
Cosmopolitan India3 min letti
10 Relationship Labels You Need to Know In 2020
You two have been hooking up again, and again, without developing ~feelings~. Maybe you are not looking for a relationship, or perhaps you just want to explore some new kinks. Either way, both of you know what’s up, and keep things strictly between t
Cosmopolitan India3 min lettiFashion & Beauty
“My Signature Style”
“I’d describe my style as functional, strategic, and minimal. It also has a lot to do with comfort and mobility. Your clothes should adapt to you, not the other way round. For this feature, I chose a black, pleated-sleeved, silk shirt, teamed with bl