Caravan and Outdoor Life

A 4x4 Camping trip in Namibia

I last experienced wonderful Namibia during my military service in the early 80s and that stay was confined to the northern towns of Oshakati and Ondangwa. Besides firing numerous 12.7 anti-aircraft rounds at nothing in particular from the elevated vantage point of the water tower I was confined to, there was little opportunity to take in the beautiful landscape that is the beating heart of this incredible country. When the offer came in from Marko Paape, manager of Accessory Fitment Centre and supplier of Ironman 4X4 products, to undertake a 4X4 camping trip, I jumped at the chance.

After a short flight from Cape Town to Windhoek, I met the participants and dealers that made up the trip complement and had a quick introduction from the event organiser and a briefing from Johan ‘Muis’ von Wielligh, our guide and chef for the trip. Then we were on our way to Spitzkoppe for our first overnight stay.

If you ever

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