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You must go shooting with both eyes open

A year or so ago, Nicholas Penn put a film on You-Tube entitled , which explained why no-one should close an eye when shooting. At the end

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Art In The Field
FROM the start, James Wild seemed destined to become a wildlife sculptor and his art teacher sealed the deal: “At school we had this very expensive welding machine in the art department that no-one was using and the art teacher told me to go and use
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Ashes To Ashes: The Devastation Of Dieback
Ash is one of those tree species that is much beloved by the nation – a national treasure. It has been nurtured for centuries by woodland owners and managers as a reliable timber crop. It is used extensively by furniture makers and craftsmen, praised
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With reference to Paul Kenyon’s letter, Unusual Weapon [February issue], in December 2018 I took my blunderbuss to Whitfield on a .410 and black-powder day. It hadn’t been fired in the past 50 years so the first test shot was taken with trepidation N