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DURING the 19th century the gift of a firearm was often used to commemorate important events, not necessarily of national importance but perhaps of local interest. This cased set is such a gift. The gun case contains a percussion double-barrelled sporting gun stocked in walnut with two sets of barrels: one 12-bore

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Flash In The Can
CANNED wines are all the rage and – this time – look as if they’re here to stay. It must be 40 years ago that I saw my first can de vin and heard my father hoot with delight as he flipped one open and knocked it back. Born in 1908, Pa came from anoth
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Incisive Moves
Engraving has been an art form since the dawn of civilisation, and while a shotgun demands the expertise of many trades, an engraver’s mark is the final flourish. First a gifted artist, with knowledge of anatomy, botany, perspective and composition,
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Memoirs of Biddy Wingfield Digby
THE announcement of the cancellation of Badminton Horse Trials, due to take place this month, caught the equestrian public by surprise, having expected it to run this year ‘behind closed doors’. Quite aside from the fans who miss watching the action,