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You must go shooting with both eyes open

A year or so ago, Nicholas Penn put a film on You-Tube entitled , which explained why no-one should close an eye when shooting. At the end

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Art In The Field
COLD and difficult wading as the evening gathers is making you think of calling it a day, when suddenly a salmon breaks the water, massive and muscular, beating upstream through the dusk. For Chris Sharp, such moments are the reason to paint. He says
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Kit To Covert
EMAIL SARAH.FITZPATRICK@FUTURENET.COM Do you catch more fish when the moon is waxing or waning? This is the perfect instrument to tell you, with yellow gold, sapphire crystal and an alligator strap. ♦ Price £135,710 ♦ Tel 020 7493 3240 ♦
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Have Big Teams Had Their Day?
ONE of the familiar sights in the British shooting field, at least on driven shoots, is that of a picker-up walking with half-a-dozen dogs at heel. It’s something that we take for granted, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon. Half a century ago, few