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Scary spice?


Robin Scott, former Sporting Gun editor-at-large

I take my hat off to chefs. They’re an imaginative bunch of oven huggers.

Not a week passes without a brace or more scraping out a copper-bottomed pan filled with something worthy of a Michelin star, possibly two.

And yes, photographs of

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What is the difference between a sidelock and sideplate and how can I tell them apart? Ian says: A true sidelock houses the firing mechanism on the side of the gun. A sideplate is intended to look like a sidelock; however, the firing mechanism is u
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Easy Life
There are two areas that I would like to highlight. First, rabbits: with this, the starting position may require the body to be bent forward from the waist to allow the stock to get located in the shoulder correctly as it is mounted; and secondly, a